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Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly loses 172 pounds on HCG diet

Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly loses 172 pounds on HCG diet

The Dreaded 'Plateau/Stall'......

Hi hCGers!

This addresses a questions I get often - the dreaded stall or plateau!

Even if you are strictly following the protocol while taking HCG there will be days that you do not lose and even gain slightly. This is normal and to be expected. Normally you will lose the most weight the first week, which is great, because that is when you need the most encouragement. We normally would be happy to lose that in several weeks but we get spoiled very quickly. Hopefully this will help you understand what is normal and that you are still losing inches when you go through these stalls and plateaus on this protocol:
Dr. Simeons explains that after fat has been extracted from your fat cells and they are empty, as the body is breaking down the cell it tends to replace the fat with water. Since water is heavier than fat the scales may show no loss of weight although sufficient fat has been lost to make up the deficit in the 500 calorie diet. As the cell breaks down, the water will be released and you will find yourself going to the bathroom a lot and down in weight the next day. This is what occurs when you do not cheat and stay the same for one to two days.
A normal plateau lasts 4-6 days and usually happens in the 2nd half of a round. Everyone hits a stall or plateau at some point. A plateau always corrects itself if you do not give up. But because you are expecting to lose like you did the first week the stall causes many unnecessary worry. Dr. Simeons explains that even though the plateau will correct itself most people find it helpful to do an apple day. Pg 34 Pounds and Inches Protocol.  He only suggests an apple day is you have 4 or more consectutive days of no loss.  Therefore most never had to do an apple day!

Hang in there - it's normal and are ALWAYS losing fat and inches;-)

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Damn Halloween Canadian hCG Dieters!

After reviewing our recent poll results on our site, I see that a whopping 27% (including ME) claim their biggest diet breaking weakness is chocolate, second only to Ice Cream (probably chocolate ice cream. lol) at 20% and alcohol at 14% . With that said, I know that today can't be an easy day for many of us.
My house has been full of little chocolate heavenly delights all weekend. Who came up with this Halloween stupidity? ... When I was a fat little kid I used to count down this yearly event, and looked forward to it even more than Christmas! No wonder I have battled with my weight my entire life.

So on this challenging day I want you to know that I am suffering too.

Here are my ideas & suggestions for hCG'ers in all phases trying to make it through today:
LUCKY YOU! Eat more chocolate, shove some chips in your mouth between chocolate bars!PHASE 2: LOW CALORIE DIET
DON'T buy candy, don't even go in a store today because those darn huge bags of treats will be there calling you to buy them. Then go home and when it gets dark, turn out your lights and go to bed. Ignore the door ringing and hope your car doesn't get egged. Tomorrow morning when you are down 1-2 pounds you will write and thank me for this ingenious maneuver.

Same suggestions as P2 above... but I hate to tell you. Calories will be even harder to resist without being able to take the hCG drops. GOOD LUCK! (Ask yourself… why didn’t I stay on the drops just a few days longer?)

If you are going to succumb (like I did), just eat the treasures early, definitely not late in the day. Drink lots of liquids so you can trick your body into thinking you are SO FULL that you can't eat even the smallest little Snickers Bar (seems so nice but actually the enemy!). Good luck on that one. Lol

BUT IF all else fails and you see that empty garbage can full of empty candy wrappers and chip bags, just remember..... you can always do a steak day tomorrow, like I am sure I will be doing. Yay steak day!

Happy Halloween and just think, it could be worse.... if houses dished out ice cream and alcohol then a lot more of us would be in trouble! Not to mention pasta and bread! 
Stay strong!Cara

Friday, October 8, 2010

43 days and beyond?

How long can you stay on the hCG Diet?
Recent studies have shown up to 99 days, and maybe even more.

The old idea of you becoming immune to the amazing fat melting benefits after 40 some odd days on the drops or injections is becoming a think of the past.

So when I received this email this morning from Amanda I just had to share my thoughts:

Hello Cara!
I just need some help understanding something as I have just ordered the 60 day plan and am confused as to how that works as it says the maximum taking drops is 43 days? Please advise as I am finding it easy, losing lots of weight and I would love to go longer than 43 days!

And my answer to Amanda:

Hi Amanda
That is a GREAT question!

In the past doctors and hCG gurus recommended 45 days maximum for any one round because the old school of thought was that after 40-=45 days on the hCG hormone that the patient could become immune to the amazing benefits.

Recently it has been proven that you can go for 99 days or even more before becoming immune to the hCG benefits - if ever!

So my theory is this - if you are still losing your 0.8-1 lb on average at the 43 day point and totally reved up and motivated to the max - keep going.

If you have slowed down on the weight loss, give it a break for a couple of weeks (without gaining weight and following the Maintenance Stage 4 protocol) but you can start up again as soon as you feel ready again (don't need the full 21 days to stabilize at that weight because you are going to stabilize eventually at a new lower weight anyways).

At 43 days I find mentally you are ready to give it a break (or at least I was) but if you aren't (like my roomate) just keep on going!

Keep up the fantastic work!

mixing veggies on the hCG Diet??

Hi hCG'ers

I get this question a lot so wanted to post Lisa's email and my answer - enjoy!
Dear Cara

Just wondering about Phase two, we are confused about the receipes that are on the site. It states to eat one veggie and one protien, however the receipes have more than one veggie. Are these receipes to start the 2 days after the fat load or the 21 days after.

My reply:
Hi Lisa

Although we really promote the Dr Simeon's HCG protocol, some people are ok to mix veggies (leaning towards the Kevin Trudeau protocol rather than Dr Simeons' original hCG Diet).
I myself would never really use the recipes on the site that list two veggies (garlic and spices don't count as veggies) but some people really don't care about mixing veggies.
After two weeks of being on the VLCD hCG Diet I would try introducing mixing two vegetables for TWO DAYS and see if you still drop what you are accustomed to losing (you will know your patterns by then).
If you don't lose your regular amount - then stop mixing two vegetables but if you do lose, then you can start combining but still remember to keep the combined weight to 100 grams.

I hope this helps!

How many blueberries or watermelon allowed on the hCG Diet?

Hi hCG'ers

Since the recent development of blueberries and watermelon being approved on the VLCD Phase 2 hCG Diet as a fruit I have receive any questions asking - what quantities?

The goal each day is to eat 500 calories in total.
I always urge people to try to eat 70-80 calories each time for their 2 x fruit a day.



  • Approximately 83 calories in 1 cup (about 5.1 oz) of fresh blueberries.

  • Approximately 79 calories in 1 cup of frozen unsweetened blueberries. 

  • Watermelon

  • Approx 9 calories in one ounce (28g) of watermelon

  • Approx 37 calories in 10 watermelon balls (about 4.3 oz)

  • Approx 46 calories in one cup (5.4 oz) of diced watermelon

  • So judge accordingly and aim for 70-80 calories each meal/snack (I use my fruit and Melba Toast for snacks and never eat them with my meals).

    I don't know many people on the hCG Diet eating these yet (new discovery!!!) so please let me know if you eat them and have any plateauing, or none.
    If you plateau on the day you eat blueberries or watermelon, please stop eating them right away and let me know.

    I think they both will be fine though.
    Good luck and stay in touch!


    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    hCG Weight Loss is Fast... But Not Instant!

    Hi hCG'ers!

    I received this email below from LouAnn in Sania, Ontario and thought I would share it with everyone

    Hi Cara,

    I thought I would give you an update. Sept 26 was my first 500 cal day. To date I have lost 11 pounds. This is good, I mean in 11 days, 11 pounds, however why have I heard so many have lost 2-4 pounds a day?

    I have stuck to this diet to the letter, the only thing is I forgot to about the B12, so I started it today. Do you have any suggestions if I’m doing something wrong?

    So my response?

    With full dosage (60 drops/day or 125 IU injectable hCG), women lose 1-3 pounds per day during the first week of the protocol, while men can expect to lose 2-4 pounds per day. This tapers down over the remaining weeks and woman can expect an overall average loss of 0.5 - 1 pounds per day, with men losing 1 - 1.5 pounds per day over the course of the hCG treatment.

    I also find that people who lose 2-3 lbs a day are those that fat load to the max and they lose the high pounds amount during their first VLCD week - in order to drop the lbs from the high fat intake on days 1 & 2. They end up plateauing the odd day once they are into the diet - making the average weight loss ballanced back to1 lb a day.

    So in other words - 1 lb a day is fantastic!
    Not to mention the inches lots in 11 short days.

    Cheers and good luck to all