Thursday, July 19, 2012

Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly loses 172 pounds on HCG diet

Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly loses 172 pounds on HCG diet

The Dreaded 'Plateau/Stall'......

Hi hCGers!

This addresses a questions I get often - the dreaded stall or plateau!

Even if you are strictly following the protocol while taking HCG there will be days that you do not lose and even gain slightly. This is normal and to be expected. Normally you will lose the most weight the first week, which is great, because that is when you need the most encouragement. We normally would be happy to lose that in several weeks but we get spoiled very quickly. Hopefully this will help you understand what is normal and that you are still losing inches when you go through these stalls and plateaus on this protocol:
Dr. Simeons explains that after fat has been extracted from your fat cells and they are empty, as the body is breaking down the cell it tends to replace the fat with water. Since water is heavier than fat the scales may show no loss of weight although sufficient fat has been lost to make up the deficit in the 500 calorie diet. As the cell breaks down, the water will be released and you will find yourself going to the bathroom a lot and down in weight the next day. This is what occurs when you do not cheat and stay the same for one to two days.
A normal plateau lasts 4-6 days and usually happens in the 2nd half of a round. Everyone hits a stall or plateau at some point. A plateau always corrects itself if you do not give up. But because you are expecting to lose like you did the first week the stall causes many unnecessary worry. Dr. Simeons explains that even though the plateau will correct itself most people find it helpful to do an apple day. Pg 34 Pounds and Inches Protocol.  He only suggests an apple day is you have 4 or more consectutive days of no loss.  Therefore most never had to do an apple day!

Hang in there - it's normal and are ALWAYS losing fat and inches;-)

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