Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Damn Halloween Canadian hCG Dieters!

After reviewing our recent poll results on our site, I see that a whopping 27% (including ME) claim their biggest diet breaking weakness is chocolate, second only to Ice Cream (probably chocolate ice cream. lol) at 20% and alcohol at 14% . With that said, I know that today can't be an easy day for many of us.
My house has been full of little chocolate heavenly delights all weekend. Who came up with this Halloween stupidity? ... When I was a fat little kid I used to count down this yearly event, and looked forward to it even more than Christmas! No wonder I have battled with my weight my entire life.

So on this challenging day I want you to know that I am suffering too.

Here are my ideas & suggestions for hCG'ers in all phases trying to make it through today:
LUCKY YOU! Eat more chocolate, shove some chips in your mouth between chocolate bars!PHASE 2: LOW CALORIE DIET
DON'T buy candy, don't even go in a store today because those darn huge bags of treats will be there calling you to buy them. Then go home and when it gets dark, turn out your lights and go to bed. Ignore the door ringing and hope your car doesn't get egged. Tomorrow morning when you are down 1-2 pounds you will write and thank me for this ingenious maneuver.

Same suggestions as P2 above... but I hate to tell you. Calories will be even harder to resist without being able to take the hCG drops. GOOD LUCK! (Ask yourself… why didn’t I stay on the drops just a few days longer?)

If you are going to succumb (like I did), just eat the treasures early, definitely not late in the day. Drink lots of liquids so you can trick your body into thinking you are SO FULL that you can't eat even the smallest little Snickers Bar (seems so nice but actually the enemy!). Good luck on that one. Lol

BUT IF all else fails and you see that empty garbage can full of empty candy wrappers and chip bags, just remember..... you can always do a steak day tomorrow, like I am sure I will be doing. Yay steak day!

Happy Halloween and just think, it could be worse.... if houses dished out ice cream and alcohol then a lot more of us would be in trouble! Not to mention pasta and bread! 
Stay strong!Cara

Friday, October 8, 2010

43 days and beyond?

How long can you stay on the hCG Diet?
Recent studies have shown up to 99 days, and maybe even more.

The old idea of you becoming immune to the amazing fat melting benefits after 40 some odd days on the drops or injections is becoming a think of the past.

So when I received this email this morning from Amanda I just had to share my thoughts:

Hello Cara!
I just need some help understanding something as I have just ordered the 60 day plan and am confused as to how that works as it says the maximum taking drops is 43 days? Please advise as I am finding it easy, losing lots of weight and I would love to go longer than 43 days!

And my answer to Amanda:

Hi Amanda
That is a GREAT question!

In the past doctors and hCG gurus recommended 45 days maximum for any one round because the old school of thought was that after 40-=45 days on the hCG hormone that the patient could become immune to the amazing benefits.

Recently it has been proven that you can go for 99 days or even more before becoming immune to the hCG benefits - if ever!

So my theory is this - if you are still losing your 0.8-1 lb on average at the 43 day point and totally reved up and motivated to the max - keep going.

If you have slowed down on the weight loss, give it a break for a couple of weeks (without gaining weight and following the Maintenance Stage 4 protocol) but you can start up again as soon as you feel ready again (don't need the full 21 days to stabilize at that weight because you are going to stabilize eventually at a new lower weight anyways).

At 43 days I find mentally you are ready to give it a break (or at least I was) but if you aren't (like my roomate) just keep on going!

Keep up the fantastic work!

mixing veggies on the hCG Diet??

Hi hCG'ers

I get this question a lot so wanted to post Lisa's email and my answer - enjoy!
Dear Cara

Just wondering about Phase two, we are confused about the receipes that are on the site. It states to eat one veggie and one protien, however the receipes have more than one veggie. Are these receipes to start the 2 days after the fat load or the 21 days after.

My reply:
Hi Lisa

Although we really promote the Dr Simeon's HCG protocol, some people are ok to mix veggies (leaning towards the Kevin Trudeau protocol rather than Dr Simeons' original hCG Diet).
I myself would never really use the recipes on the site that list two veggies (garlic and spices don't count as veggies) but some people really don't care about mixing veggies.
After two weeks of being on the VLCD hCG Diet I would try introducing mixing two vegetables for TWO DAYS and see if you still drop what you are accustomed to losing (you will know your patterns by then).
If you don't lose your regular amount - then stop mixing two vegetables but if you do lose, then you can start combining but still remember to keep the combined weight to 100 grams.

I hope this helps!

How many blueberries or watermelon allowed on the hCG Diet?

Hi hCG'ers

Since the recent development of blueberries and watermelon being approved on the VLCD Phase 2 hCG Diet as a fruit I have receive any questions asking - what quantities?

The goal each day is to eat 500 calories in total.
I always urge people to try to eat 70-80 calories each time for their 2 x fruit a day.



  • Approximately 83 calories in 1 cup (about 5.1 oz) of fresh blueberries.

  • Approximately 79 calories in 1 cup of frozen unsweetened blueberries. 

  • Watermelon

  • Approx 9 calories in one ounce (28g) of watermelon

  • Approx 37 calories in 10 watermelon balls (about 4.3 oz)

  • Approx 46 calories in one cup (5.4 oz) of diced watermelon

  • So judge accordingly and aim for 70-80 calories each meal/snack (I use my fruit and Melba Toast for snacks and never eat them with my meals).

    I don't know many people on the hCG Diet eating these yet (new discovery!!!) so please let me know if you eat them and have any plateauing, or none.
    If you plateau on the day you eat blueberries or watermelon, please stop eating them right away and let me know.

    I think they both will be fine though.
    Good luck and stay in touch!


    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    hCG Weight Loss is Fast... But Not Instant!

    Hi hCG'ers!

    I received this email below from LouAnn in Sania, Ontario and thought I would share it with everyone

    Hi Cara,

    I thought I would give you an update. Sept 26 was my first 500 cal day. To date I have lost 11 pounds. This is good, I mean in 11 days, 11 pounds, however why have I heard so many have lost 2-4 pounds a day?

    I have stuck to this diet to the letter, the only thing is I forgot to about the B12, so I started it today. Do you have any suggestions if I’m doing something wrong?

    So my response?

    With full dosage (60 drops/day or 125 IU injectable hCG), women lose 1-3 pounds per day during the first week of the protocol, while men can expect to lose 2-4 pounds per day. This tapers down over the remaining weeks and woman can expect an overall average loss of 0.5 - 1 pounds per day, with men losing 1 - 1.5 pounds per day over the course of the hCG treatment.

    I also find that people who lose 2-3 lbs a day are those that fat load to the max and they lose the high pounds amount during their first VLCD week - in order to drop the lbs from the high fat intake on days 1 & 2. They end up plateauing the odd day once they are into the diet - making the average weight loss ballanced back to1 lb a day.

    So in other words - 1 lb a day is fantastic!
    Not to mention the inches lots in 11 short days.

    Cheers and good luck to all

    Darn shipping of heavy hCG Kit boxes!

    Hi hCG'ers!

    I want to reiterate about my shipping costs. I hate getting emails like the one below and I really want people to understand my position so I wanted to share this email with you. I even receive a business discount so I don't know what people are thinking it costs to offer 2 day shipping these days on something as heavy as these hCG Kits (they aren't light!). Here's the email from Anita below:

    Hi Cara

    I was so encouraged to order the 4 bottles of HCG after talking to your suppport person. I went online to order and discovered that on top of the $209 there was about $25.00 is taxes (why when GST is only 5%) and another $25.00 in shipping costs to Calgary (other companies offer free shipping, some even from the U.S.)

    This has kind of put me off but would like to give you a chance to explain.

    ... here is my response:

    Hi Anita
    I hear you and totally understand your concern.
    • To ship a 4 oz kit to Alberta (97.2% of my business right now is in AB and BC because of word of mouth) it COSTS me $15.21 (to ship to BC costs even more than that!) - I charge $15
    • To ship a 6 oz kit to Alberta COSTS me $21.71 (I charge $20)
    • To ship a 8 oz kit to Alberta COSTS me $26.79 (I charge $25)
    I am quoting the amounts on my shipment receipts from the last week and on all three hCG kits I am losing money on shipping... not to mention the cost of time packaging and delivering to the post office 15 minutes away twice a day and also the cost of the box and packaging (which adds up!). Oh ya - and driving to the USA every two weeks to pick up my shipments.

    And regarding the taxes. In Ontario we charge manditory HST unfortunately. Because of that I have had to lower my kit retail prices to make up for this Ontario tax - which goes right into the government's pocket. If I didn't charge this I think I may go to jail for tax evasion.

    If you look at the manufacturer's website - you will see that they (who MAKE it) charge a $30-$40 per kit more than I do - and they don't have shipping costs to get it to me and also duties and taxes. Not to mention that is US dollars and you will have duties, taxes and a different amount on your credit card - and you run the big risk of never getting your order because it gets confiscated at the border as so many of my friends' packages have before I started driving down and picking it up.

    So in other words - this is a hobby, a labour of love, a passion, not a business.

    It's not a money making venture or I would charge more - at least what the people that make it charge. I spend a lot of time on the telephone, email and text supporting our 2,185 (as of this morning) Canadian hCG clients with questions and have had to cut back on my money-making day job hours to accomodate and give same day answers to everyone. Unfortunately, as anyone that knows me can attest, I would love to do this for free but my time and help should be worth something - no?

    My mark up is minimal for the top quality 60 drops a day (125 IU) dosing homeopathic drops that I offer. There are always cheaper drops that dose at 30 drops a day with cheaper shipping but my goal is to offer the BEST drops, which aren't always the cheapest. PLUS I offer a money back guarantee and out of 2,185 clients, not one person yet has taken me up on it. In other words - everyone has lost at least 15 lbs on the small 4 oz. kit.


    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Somedays I just have to Laugh Out Loud!

    Hi hCG'ers

    I have to admit - I love reading through my daily email daily. It is ALWAYS great news and even bad news emails are great news. Here's what I mean:

    Hi Cara;
    I have been going through a small plateau. I reached 15lbs on Friday morning but the scale never moved not even up till yesterday. 4 days. I have not, in any way, varied. Even some nights, I don't have the fruit....

    Anyway...yesterday I decided to try the Apple Day. Today, the scaled just tipped down 2 lbs (barely). Is that reasonable? I would think that I should be dropping the weight ( or maybe I am just greedy). (Today is Day 12 of the VLCD).

    thanks,   Peggy from BC
    I can't help but chuckle when I receive these (chuckle with, not at).
    So here is what I read:

    1)   Peggy isn't eating all of the food necessary to fuel her brain to tell her body "burn fat NOW'. Always remember like your mama says: "eat your fruit'. if you skip anything from the VLCD you are only allowed to skip your melba toast.

    2)   Peggy is down 15 lbs in 12 days! (but thinks it should be more)

    I hope you don't mind but I do laugh a bit when people that think that they will take hCG for a week and hit their goal - no matter what it is. Let me tell you one thing: It takes TWO weeks! lol... just kidding.

    I always say - you will lose a minimum of 10 lbs per bottle. So 26 days supply = 20 lbs minimum. 43 day kit is 30 lbs minimum and 60 day kit is 40 lbs minimum. When I say minimum - I mean it. You will probably lose a lot more but I like you tell you the worst case scenario.

    Another important point. When you are losing inches, you don't always lose pounds on the scale.
    The weight registered by the scale is determined by two processes not necessarily synchronized. Under the influence of hCG, fat is being extracted from the cells, in which it is stored in the fatty tissue. When these cells are empty and therefore serve no purpose, the body breaks down the cellular structure and absorbs it.

    But the breaking up of useless cells, connective tissue, blood vessels, etc., at times follows the fat-extraction/emptying process. When the fat is emptied from the cell the body replaces some of the extracted fat with water which is retained for this cell filling purpose.

    Because water is heavier than fat, the weight scale may show no loss of weight even though fat has actually been consumed to make up for the extra calories needed during the 500-calorie VLCD diet. When such tissue is finally broken down and the water released, there is a sudden flood of urine and a marked loss of weight.

    This is the reason for the appearance of no weight loss on the scale while following the instructions of the diet. Don?t worry ? fat is burning at all times during the hCG diet treatment. Just pee on a Ketone Strip and that will give you the proof you need! (

    The ULTIMATE Chicken Grill from Wendy's

    I want to applaud Wendy's for having an amazing site for showing nutritional information. It is fun and easy and a bit addicting. I had to get off the site though because I am on the VLCD and the pictures were making my mouth water a bit. lol.

    Anyways.... the reason that I was on the site was to find something that people on the hCG Diet could pick up if in a jam and couldn't make it home for lunch or dinner (I am sure we've all been there once or twice).

    So here's my suggestion:
    The Wendy's Ultimate Grilled Chicken
    Once I ticked off everything bad I was left with a bunch of lettuce (ask for LOTS) and a grilled chicken breast - totally VLCD friendly!!

    All you need to do is order this amazing Ultimate Chicken Grill and ask for no toppings (other than mustard if you want) and LOTS of lettuce (or the tomato & ask for 4 slices or the onion ask for 4 slices). If you are a veggie mixer (WHICH I AM NOT!) you can get the onions, tomatoes and the lettuce.

    Everytime my roomate has asked for this and asked them to keep the bun they get very confused so get the bun and just throw it out.


    Exercising while on the hCG Diet

    The hCG Diet is a weight loss program which has helped many people lose a large amount of weight. Exercising in combination with the hCG diet can be beneficial only under certain circumstances.

    Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that used to help increase weight lose during the hCG diet. The hCG hormone is naturally produced by the cells that make up the placenta and later by the placenta during pregnancy. hCG helps support the pregnancy by producing progesterone. This helps the development of the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy.

    Few expecting mothers realize that pregnancy; offers a huge window of opportunity to lose unwanted fat while bringing their new child into the world. Simply by reducing their calorie intake while having an extremely high level of hCG in their system, a newly expecting mother can actually burn unwanted fat during the pregnancy process.

    The hCG Diet Protocol

    The hCG diet is designed to aid in the rapid fat loss... It increases the body's metabolism so that it can burn fat at a very fast pace. The hCG hormone can be administered through injection or droplets that are placed under the tongue. Once the diet begins, a strict diet of 500 calories must be followed. A person can lose up to a pound or two a day. The hormone causes the body to release and burn approximately 3,500 calories a day.

    The hCG diet has s very strict protocol that must be followed. Some of the rules include the absence of make up, lotions, oils, and what types of foods that can be eaten. In this article you will learn about exercise during the hCG diet.

    Exercising while on the hCG Diet...

    Strenuous exercise during the hCG diet is not recommended for several reasons. The first reason being, the patient is only consuming 500 calories a day which may not substantial enough to be able to accommodate any type of strenuous workout while consuming such a small amount of food.

    Although strenuous exercise needs to be avoided, light cardiovascular exercise is permitted. Taking casual walks or a light jogs on a treadmill is allowed but not for a long periods of time 45 minutes should be your maximum time limit. Burning too many calories will lead to excess hunger; exhaustion and low blood sugar; all of which can drain your energy.

    Another reason a person should not perform overly strenuous exercises is because of the science of the diet. The hCG can only burn fat. When any type of strength building exercises are done, the body may form new lean muscle and the hCG will not be able to burn it off. The hCG does not work on lean muscle, but only body fat which means, scale may not be able to accurately reflect your weight loss

    Exercise after the hCG Diet phase three...

    Once a person finishes the hCG diet, they can resume a normal exercise routine in phase three. Daily exercise is important when trying to maintain your weight. And build lean muscle. It is better to start with easier exercises at first until the body regains strength and is used to exercising again. Gradually increase the intensity levels of your workouts will produce leaner muscles, and help your body stabilize your new weight set point.

    Building lean muscle mass and returning to cardio for vascular health should be your focus in Phase 4 and beyond. Living an active lifestyle will be easier and a lot more fun now that you have shed those pounds and finally reached your weight loss goal.

    Happy dieting!

    Food Options - Is the hCG Diet Really for You?

    I receive lots of calls from people curious as to what they can and cannot eat on the hCG Diet. As I often say, most 'conventional' diets like Weight Watchers, Jennie Craig or just eating right and exercising are an 'art' while this 'hCG Diet Treatment' is a science. Even the slightest deviation from the allowed foods can spell disaster.

    Although I promote Dr Simeons' protocol over Kevin Trudeau's (also good though), they both consist of the same foods.

    Before deciding to go on the hCG diet protocol, you may be wondering if there are enough choices of foods that you would like to eat or you may have food allergies to consider.
    Doctor A. T. W. Simeons developed the protocol after observing pregnant women in India who despite low food intake gave birth to healthy babies. He isolated the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, as the key element in the successful utilization of stored body fat while dieting. The protocol has a limited selection of foods to choose from. Especially limited are choices for vegetarians. Some have tried additional foods with reported successes.

    Food Portions

    Take your daily dosage of 60 hCG drops daily and during the weight loss portion of the protocol (VLCD) you consume about 500 calories a day.

    Eat two portions of each per day, for optimal fat loss, no two of the same type to be eaten at the same time:
        • 100 grams of lean protein
        • 100 grams of vegetable
        • fruit
        • melba toast or breadstick (optional)
    Cook food by steaming, broiling, baking or grilling, but do not add any extra fats. Season your food with lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, chili, garlic or any herbs.

    Consume protein sources from lean meats, such as lean beef and chicken breast, seafood such as shrimp, lobster and crab, white fish such as tilapia, halibut and striped bass, or one whole egg with three additional whites. You can add other lean meats such as bison and venison to your diet.
    Eating egg is the most recommended meat substitute for vegetarians. Other accepted vegetarian options are a 16-ounce glass of skim milk or 3.5 ounces of fat-free cottage cheese, though often at the cost of slower weight loss. Some vegetarians also use protein powders derived from hemp, whey or rice to replace animal protein.

    Choose from spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus or cabbage for your vegetable servings.
    Do not mix different types of vegetables in a serving. Some people eat broccoli while on the diet with no ill affects, while others find that this vegetable inhibits their weight loss.
    Add peppers, mushrooms, green beans, or alfalfa sprouts to the list if you want some updated choices. Some people mix different vegetables in a serving, though the original protocol instructs you not to do so.

    Choose from an apple, an orange, six strawberries or one half grapefruit for your fruit serving.
    Do not replace an orange with a tangerine, as tangerines are higher in sugar. Add blueberries or melon to the list if you want to try some new alternatives. Eat fruit that is fresh and not dried, canned or precooked, but you can cook it yourself. 

    Drink about 2 litres of fluids per day. Choose from black, green and white teas, coffee and water. Include caffeinated beverages, but drink additional caffeine-free beverages to make up your fluid quota for the day. Add lemon juice or stevia extract to flavor water. You may add one tablespoon of milk daily to beverages.

    I hope this helps people understand the diet better.
    It truly is miraculous!

    Yayyyy! An hCG Diet VLCD Diet Approved Shake

    I have many people asking me whether they can have protein shakes and low and behold another successful hCG Dieter wrote me today with this good news:

    Hi Cara
    Here is the link to the Protein Powder I found in Canada that is VLCD safe (I lucked out as it's the protein I always use anyways)! It is the best protein (cleanest and tastes best too)!

    It has been a lifesaver for me! I mix it with water and strawberries! I get it at 'Popeyes' and I know they carry it at 'Goodness Me' too.


    Thanks Sarah from all of us whey protein shake lovers! I can't wait to try them.

    Lots of Good hCG Diet Questions in a Great Email

    Here are some great questions from another happy client of hCG Diet Canada.
    I put my answers in blue so that you can benefit from Peggy from B.C.'s questions that I get a lot.

    Hi Cara; 3 of the VLCD/drops and I have lost 6lbs. My sister has lost close to 10. Just to put things in perspective while using the Weight Watchers min/max weight for your age/height etc, I am 45lbs overweight and my sister is 75lbs.

    The first day was tough I have to admit, 2nd day was better and today I am not one bit hungry at all and have been up for 3.5 hours already. And I just simply feel better. Odd, ain't it?

    We do have a couple of questions that pop up and if we google on the internet, there are different answers. Since we are doing THIS particular program, I would prefer to use your suggestions.

    1) Can we drink Diet Coke, or flavored water? Or even use something like Crystal light that is sweetened with asparatame.
    Anything WITHOUT sugar or asparatame is allowed. Look for the two natural sweeteners STEVIA or XYLITOL. Stevia can be found almost anywhere these days because people are realizing how horrible for you refined sugar and especially artificial sweetners are for you. You can find stevia flavour drops that you can add to water or coffee or tea of anything. Xylitol can be found in candies and gum mainly. Just stay clear of sugar and artificial sweetners, although 'sweet and low' and aspartame are low in calories, they will stall your diet and inevitably pack pounds on if you eat them.

    2) Can we eat the same protein for lunch and dinner? (like 2 chicken or 2 beef).Yes, but some hCG gurus recommend that you mix it up a bit. My roomate lost 31.5 lbs in 30 days by eating chicken and lettuce or chicken and cottage cheese daily so what I recommend is: try to eat various proteins to detour boredom of food but the main thing is - eat things you enjoy to make it all more enjoyable. If you love one of the proteins enough to eat it daily, then it'll help you stick to the treatment and ensure your success.

    3) Can we use Pam? How about fresh garlic and ginger? Also, is there a limit to the amount of spices like salt, pepper (and I use a Costco organic seasoning that contains no salt)No to Pam. it is an oil so will interupt your fat burning process. Fresh garlic and ginger are a yes though. Just keep calories in mind so that you don't go over your Dr Simeons' suggested 500 calorie VLCD diet. As far as bottled spices, check the label for oils first and then if they are just dry herbs then the sky's the limit!

    4) Am I able to take Advil if needed? I am prone to headaches sometimes as my days are long in front of a computer and I am active with running/curling so sometimes my muscle/joints are sore.
    Definitely! Just don't take any medication with oils in them. Omegas and vitamins E's are the sort of suppliments to stay clear from.

    Thanks Peggy for the great questions.
    I hope these answers help others lose more weight faster!

    Proud to offer Canadian hCG to Canadian Clients!

    Hi all!

    I just received this email from Trudy in Canada and it made my labour of love even more meaningful. it really makes me wonder sometimes - what took us so long to get this into Canada? Oh well - the good news is... IT'S HERE!

    Thanks for the note Trudy.
    "Thank you I received my product yesterday. So glad I can purchase this in Canada I got my last bottle in the states and it was very expensive. Thanks for offering this to Canadians I've done the diet 2 times now and I'm looking forward to doing it again."

    Great letter from a concerned lady

    I received this email today and once I had written the answer, I thought, 'hey, this would be a great letter and answer to blog'.
    So here goes.... Enjoy!

    Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:00:24 -0400
    The following form has been submitted from your website hcgdietcanada:

    --------------- Form Response ---------------
    01 - Name = Karen
    04 - Your Message = I am concerned with the selling of hCG as an oral substance when Dr. Simeons website states that unless it comes from him, the hCG sold by others is not in its true form? How do you respond to that? It is being said that since this is a prescription only, then others, like yourself, are not selling the true hCG because you are not physicians. So I am somewhat concerned with this statement. Also when looking at your pricing....can you break down why a 43 days sold at $159 comes out to be $199.67? Where is the extra $40 added?

    Here is my reply....
    Thanks for your concern Karen
    I sell both homeopathic (no prescription) and offer prescription hCG also.
    Originally I only offered prescription because I work at a professional Medical Weight Loss hCG Clinic with a fantastic physician from Toronto overseeing the hCG Diet.
    The prescription hCG is totally handled by the this knowlegable doctor, which is why I can only offer prescription hCG in Ontario, the area that the doctor's medical license covers. I am simply an employee of the clinic and really like promoting their prescription hCG to those that demand prescription strength hCG. I make no money but feel better that my Canadian customers have two honest and trustworthy options - one for homeopathic and one for prescription hCG formulations.
    So many of my friends wanted to try hCG after I was SO SUCCESSFUL on it - easily (without hunger) losing 29 lbs in 37 days when everything else had failed. BUT my friends and family didn't want to spend the $1,000 + hst that the Physician Monitored hCG Diet plan option cost. Plus they didn't want the extensive physician monitoring that goes with it. We are all so busy these days that sometimes the less time consuming options are the most desirable.

    My friends and family just wanted to do it - so they purchased homeopathic from the US. I warned them it wasn't a good idea to use homeopathic hCG and that prescription hCG was the ONLY way.... but low and behold - they ALL lost weight - lots of it - and didn't lose muscle mass and kept the weight off.
    So I started to wonder hmmmmm..... same results across the board but with 1/10 of the cost. I figured that since the weight loss was so exciting, making so many people so happy - If I run a money back guarantee let's see what happens. maybe I could create a hobby that I loved doing - a passion...... and 2 months later I can say my over 300+ customers/clients have been thrilled with the results.
    hCG'ers come to my house for group talks and motivation sessions and as many many people can attest - my cell phone is ALWAYS on to answer any questions about the hCG diet - whether the caller purchased from me or not! I make sure all hCG dieters get the support needed to finally reach their weight loss goals and stay there.

    As for the pricing.I hate it but we have hst tax here in Ontario - 13% tax - which doesn't go into my pocket - it goes into the government's. sadIf you go to my hCG manufacturer's website ( you will see that they retail it for more than I do - I can't mark mine at their price because of our extra taxation with hst - a sad state of affairs in Ontario and in eastern provinces in Canada right now.
    The shipping is $20 but it doesn't even cover areas that I ship to further west than calgary - and believe me - I have more customers there than here (word of mouth compounding and quadrupling sales). So on about 30% of all my shipments I actually lose money only charging $20. My costs average out to $20.75/package for shipping so I just charge $20.

    Helping others through hCG is my labour of love and I don't make 1/2 the money from it that I do with my day job (which takes up less of my time) but I love the stories I hear and the people I help. It may sound stupid but it makes me feel like a superhero of sorts - the diet is so predictable and it is easy to help people if they stall with simple deductions. I have studied the science of hCG and its benefits for a while now due to offering it at the Medical hCG Diet Clinic.

    I hope this helps you believe that hCG is my passion... Not a job. My job is 9-6 Mon-Fri. hCG is every moment in between.

    I just started selling hCG because my friends and family wanted me to get it for them and then 'they told two friends and they told two friends and so on' and then it snowballed - in a good way.

    ... No - a great way!

    Here I go on the hCG Diet - Round 2

    Round 2 - Phase 1 - Day 1

    The first round I went down 29 lbs in 37 days.
    Let's see what I can do this time now that I know more and have helped hundreds of people with the hCG Diet Canada plan.

    Fat loading report.
    So far today I have eaten:
    2 Big Macs with extra sauce
    1 extra large triple thick chocolate milkshake
    2 cups of cashews

    Dinner tonight I am planning on eating my favourite - KFC and I have already bought ribs for dinner tomorrow. Mmmmmmm

    The only problem is that it is 5:30 and I am already feeling the effects of hCG creeping up and squelching my cravings and appetite.

    I hope that I can force down that large Dairy Queen Chocolate Extreme Blizzard (1,400 calories!) for dessert tonight.

    Stay tuned for more!

    Great Karma!

     Good day everyone,
    I just had to share a phone call that I received from an hCG client this morning.

    One of my hCG Diet Canada clients from about 6 months ago had tried every diet out there (who hasn't!) and was skeptical about hCG (who isn't!). The call I received was from her good friend, wanting to order the hCG diet plan and when I asked how she heard about hCG Diet Canada, she mentioned her friend.
    She explained that her friend (my client from 5 months ago) had tried and tried to lose weight for about two and a half years because she was very overweight and her son was suffering from kidney disease. She was the compatible donor but the hospital wouldn't undergo the surgery because of the health risks it would place on her because she was obese. She purchased two 43 day kits and lost a whopping 70 pounds over 5 a month period! (Round 1: 43 days on hCG, 21 days maintenance, 20 days off, Round 2: 43 days on hCG, then 21 days maintenance).

    Well, it brought a tear to my eye at the time (and even while I write this), to hear that she finally was able to drop the weight with our hCG Diet program and now is accepted by the surgeon to be the donor for her son. Wow!
    The wonders of this miracle liquid never cease to amaze me.
    What great karma it is to help so many people lose weight.

    It got me thinking about how it helps not just those that lose the weight but also their families and friends. Now her little boy will get that kidney he so desperately needed not to mention that she will be around a lot longer to be in his life now that she is at a normal weight.

    So do the hCG Diet not just for you, also for those that love you.

    I love hearing from hCG Diet Canada customers

    Hi everyone.
    I decided to add a blog on the site because I hear so many success stories that I would like to share the great news with everyone, and my thoughts, and some funny stories along the way. Needless to say - I hope people read it and more importantly enjoy it.

    Here is a great email I received today from Shirley from Hamilton:

    Hi Cara:

    I am currently on the hcg diet and am so glad I found you to order it from because over the past year I have been having problems trying to get it into Canada. When I was in the States in February I was able to bring some bottles back with me. This is my second round and wasn't sure if I would run out or not so that's when I found your website. I have a friend who just started her's on the weekend. I went through some trial and errors the first time around but am doing very well this time. Today is day 14 and I am down 12.8lbs I am totally happy with the results and how I feel this time around will be doing it for a month. Its great to know that I have you in case I run into any problems. Not to mention that with the convenience of your company I can now tell friends who want to try HCG where to get it.

    I LOVE getting emails like these. They really make my day.
    Keep them coming in.
    The power of hCG really overwhelms me sometimes...
    especially when I hear about how it changes people's lives when they have tried every other diet out there - like I had!

    To success!