Friday, October 8, 2010

mixing veggies on the hCG Diet??

Hi hCG'ers

I get this question a lot so wanted to post Lisa's email and my answer - enjoy!
Dear Cara

Just wondering about Phase two, we are confused about the receipes that are on the site. It states to eat one veggie and one protien, however the receipes have more than one veggie. Are these receipes to start the 2 days after the fat load or the 21 days after.

My reply:
Hi Lisa

Although we really promote the Dr Simeon's HCG protocol, some people are ok to mix veggies (leaning towards the Kevin Trudeau protocol rather than Dr Simeons' original hCG Diet).
I myself would never really use the recipes on the site that list two veggies (garlic and spices don't count as veggies) but some people really don't care about mixing veggies.
After two weeks of being on the VLCD hCG Diet I would try introducing mixing two vegetables for TWO DAYS and see if you still drop what you are accustomed to losing (you will know your patterns by then).
If you don't lose your regular amount - then stop mixing two vegetables but if you do lose, then you can start combining but still remember to keep the combined weight to 100 grams.

I hope this helps!


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