Friday, October 8, 2010

43 days and beyond?

How long can you stay on the hCG Diet?
Recent studies have shown up to 99 days, and maybe even more.

The old idea of you becoming immune to the amazing fat melting benefits after 40 some odd days on the drops or injections is becoming a think of the past.

So when I received this email this morning from Amanda I just had to share my thoughts:

Hello Cara!
I just need some help understanding something as I have just ordered the 60 day plan and am confused as to how that works as it says the maximum taking drops is 43 days? Please advise as I am finding it easy, losing lots of weight and I would love to go longer than 43 days!

And my answer to Amanda:

Hi Amanda
That is a GREAT question!

In the past doctors and hCG gurus recommended 45 days maximum for any one round because the old school of thought was that after 40-=45 days on the hCG hormone that the patient could become immune to the amazing benefits.

Recently it has been proven that you can go for 99 days or even more before becoming immune to the hCG benefits - if ever!

So my theory is this - if you are still losing your 0.8-1 lb on average at the 43 day point and totally reved up and motivated to the max - keep going.

If you have slowed down on the weight loss, give it a break for a couple of weeks (without gaining weight and following the Maintenance Stage 4 protocol) but you can start up again as soon as you feel ready again (don't need the full 21 days to stabilize at that weight because you are going to stabilize eventually at a new lower weight anyways).

At 43 days I find mentally you are ready to give it a break (or at least I was) but if you aren't (like my roomate) just keep on going!

Keep up the fantastic work!

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